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that you don't really need, you're not going to get. >> it will probably affect my finances in a huge way. >> it will affect my dad. my dad's 76 and he's already got his food stamps cut and his medicaid cut. i don't know how much more than can cut. >> half of all americans now expect no deal by new year's day. by a margin of 2-1 they hold the republicans more at fault than obama and his fellow democrats. >> earlier, i spoke to richard at campaign's for america's future that's a progressive political organization. he says it's unlikely that the u.s. will meet the deadline. >> it looks extremely unlikely at this point. they're not returning to the lower house until the day before the deadline. so chances are there won't be a deal before january 1st. but then most of the provisions of this so-calleded fiscal cliff won't have an immediate impact. several will but most will be delayed. so thile still have a chance to work in january. >> how is it going to be delayed? because delay has been something that president obama and the democrats have rejected. >> the tax laws won't have an impact on p
badly. we can get that done. democrats and republicans both say they don't want taxes to go up on middle class families. that's something we all agree on. if we can get that done, that takes a big bite out of the fiscal cliff. it avoids the worst outcomes. >> in the upper house, the senate, sunday the leadership of both parties is putting together a watered-down deal to assure that taxed on americans making less than $200,000 per year don't go up. the president expressed both sides will have to accept compromise. >> there is a basic fairness at stake in this whole thing that the american people understand and they listened to an entire year's debate about it. they made a clear decision about the approach they prefer, which say balanced, responsible package. they rejected the notion that the economy grows best from the top down. they believe the economy grows best from the middle class out and at a certain point, you know, it is very important for republicans in congress to be willing to say we understand we're not going to get 100%, we are willing to compromise. >> if a deal can get thro
. we don't have transportation. we don't have any vehicles. >> authorities recommend people lilling within 15 kilometers of the volcano keep an eye out. >> russian investigators have lunched a third fraud inquiry. they say he is suspected of defrauding the now defunct political party. he is already charged with theft fraud as well as money laundering in two separate cases and he denies the charges. it is draft season for the russian army but the military is struggling to find enough recruits. thousands of young men are willing to risk jail to avoid joining. >> he has been dodging the military draft for eight years. he knows he could be forced into the army on any day. not attending university and with no family, every man in yause is between 18-27 is expected to serve a year in the military. it is a terrifying prospect for many. >> we first left moscow when i was 18. we were very afraid. we lived in hiding and recognized when a police car was coming by the specific sound of their tires. >> this is what frightens men like nikolai. it is known as hazings. it is described as a military
glass has more from kabul. >> we don't know the motive of this police woman who walked into the headquarters in central kabul today and killed this u.s. contractor. it is part of a growing number of insider attacks here in afghanistan this year. this contractor becomes the 62nd farmer to be killed by insider attacks. to discuss insider attacks i enjoyed by the former member of parliament and political analyst -- thank you for being here. what affects our these insider attacks having? >> i think if we are not careful, it will have the effect of the enemies of afghanistan and the united states want to have, which is to create a public opinion that all afghans are like this, and everybody wants to be doing this. that is not the case. i think this is perpetrated to affect the will of the united states for the pressures of public opinion so they will quit afghanistan. and afghanistan and the ninth of states embarked on a journey we cannot quit because of these pressures. these tragedies cannot be ignored, cannot be shoved aside, yet we have to keep everything in perspective.
to u.n. agencies, floods and torrential rains destroyed thousands of schools last year. >> i don't want my grandchildren to rely on nature is good will to survive. they need an education so they can lead this land. >> the school is funded by a local charity. the goal is to ensure the children still get a basic education. this 8-year-old wants to become an engineer. he says he wants to build a wall to protect bangladesh from slumps. -- from floods. by the time these children become adults, one-third of bangladesh territory will be permanently flooded. the himalayan glacier a, a source of all major rivers in bangladesh, but because of rising temperatures, those glaciers are melting at an unprecedented rate. this, along with deforestation of the continent, causes the rivers downstream to overflow. as bangladesh is a low-lying delta, on average just 1 meter above sea level, people's homes and livelihoods are being destroyed. under these waters is an entire village. seasonal floods and torrential monsoon rains gradually wiped it off the map. all those old enough to have moved away to find wo
is a man who can be useful to leave the government. > i don't think that monti's manifesto will change anything in the italian state. politics is quite embarrassing. i think his resignation will not bring much here or in europe. >> i heard that even if he distances himself he can contribute to contribute as a real leader to our country, because our country is in are really difficult situation. i hope that he can do something positive. >> campaigning for the elections will start officially. in the end, he may be called again to lead the country out of the economic crisis. al jazeera, rome. >> still to come -- security remains tight inside the egyptian presidential palace after the opposition rejects a referendum. and fired tear through a market in the afghan capital, destroying thousands of shops. we will back in just a few minutes. >> hello. the weather is looking pretty good over eastern brazil. the showers have drifted away over the heart of the amazon basin. 1 or two showers over the east. temperatures around 32 degrees. we will see highs around 30 celsius in buenos aires. pretty hu
up. i don't think they would want to do that, politically, but they may end up doing it. >> they may be deadlocked, but negotiations will continue throughout the night. >> the senate reconvenes on monday. the gap between the republicans and democrats in the senate is said to be as wide as ever. it could be a very long years eve in this town before a deal is ready to be voted on. >> what does that mean for the rest of the world if the u.s. fails to reach a deal? the u.s. is the world's largest economy, so it performance affects the other economies. -- so its performance affects the other economies. u.s. consumers will not have cash to spend on products from the big exporters. eu countries would be weekend in their fight against the financial crisis across the eurozone -- be weakened in their fight against the financial crisis across the eurozone. one economist says it is likely that president obama will negotiate a temporary deal. >> the importance of the u.s. this cliff is extremely -- u.s. fiscal cliff is extremely high. the main growth engines are firstly china, which will grow at
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7